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Oil Painting Restoration

Mary Lynch oil painting cleaning and restoration has been established for more than 35 years, with clients including art galleries, museums, dealers and private collectors.

I offer a complete service for any conservation and restoration of oil paintings.

A free of charge initial appraisal of the painting is carried out and the client advised.

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Oil Painting Restoration Colchester

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Painting Restoration

Dust and dirt on the painting surface has a tendency to give a grey, dull appearance, while nicotine deposits leave a yellow layer.

The varnish layers applied originally and sometimes re-applied over time discolour to leave the painting with an orange brown appearance. Old restoration retouching and inpainting also often darken and change.

About Mary Lynch Restoration

Bring Your Painting Back To Life

Cleaning & Consolidation

Discoloured varnish significantly changes the way a painting looks from the artist’s intentions. Tests are carried out to identify a suitable cleaning solvent and the dirt layers are then carefully removed.

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My Services

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My services include all aspects of cleaning and restoration of the painting surface. Complete lining and restretching of canvas with repair of tears, holes and abrasions, including paint restoration and the removal of discoloured varnish.

All work is of the highest quality, using minimal intervention with ethical restoration standards in reversibility.

Detailed written and photographic documentation can be provided on all aspects of condition and treatment.

“I just wanted to say how much we appreciate the restoration work you did for us on pieces for the exhibition ‘Art for Colchester’ that displayed work from The Victor Batte-Lay Trust Collection. Your approach was extremely professional and the restoration invisible!”
-Kaavous Clayton, Curator, The Minories Galleries

I am always pleased to discuss your restoration requirements by telephone or email and my studio is conveniently situated near to Colchester town centre.

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