Examples of My Restoration.

We update the gallery quite frequently so please keep checking back here to see more before and after shots of the work.

Before & After - Winterscene.

Winterscene, shown after lining on new canvas with missing areas of original canvas filled and ready for varnishing and retouching. The photograph on the right is the restored painting after retouching and final varnishing.

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Before & After - Coat Of Arms.

Coat of arms (7ft x 6ft) from The Colchester Museums Collection before and after lining, cleaning and restoration. The painting can be seen in the Natural History Museum Colchester High Street.

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Before & After - Sheep By Hedgerow.

Original colours and details in foreground and distance are revealed after cleaning and varnishing. The canvas has been lined to secure the torn area which has been filled and retouched.

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Before & After - Joseph Gell.

The canvas was badly flaking and in some areas had completely come away. Lining onto new canvas secured the flaking areas. The discoloured dirty varnish was then cleaned away to reveal the original colours and the small areas of missing paint filled and retouched.

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Before & After - 19th Century Landscape.

The removal of dirt and discoloured varnish layers was stopped at the centre and then photographed to show the contrasting areas. What would initially seem a slight discolouration before cleaning can spoil the appearance of a painting and mask the artist’s true intentions.




Before & After - Soldier & Horse

The painting was torn in several places with layers of dirt and discoloured varnish.

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Before & After - Portrait

Before and after ripped and torn portrait of gentleman, lined and restored. The before picture shows the tears have been secured by lining and white filler applied to even out the missing paint area.

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Deputy Mayor's parlour

Heraldic designs on the coats of arms in the Deputy Mayor’s Parlour, Colchester Town Hall.

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